Project Introduction to Mathematics and Modelling

by admin on 10/04/2013

In this project we were given the assignment to create a swarm moving within processing. To further work on our programming skills in this program.

The cigarette top generates particles that follow a lissajous figure. Representing smoke.


From then on the smoker fades away. And the particles follow a path of a mushroom. Coloring the particles red and white based on their position.



The project was a very nice insight in cascaded programming and working with particle systems. The end result however is not quite as satisfactory, because in the animation you do not really see the math in the background.



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Smubbles for Gogbot!

by admin on 10/04/2013

Previously i’ve updated about using an old keyboard for buttons of a piano. This was for a bigger project that was meant to be displayed at Gogbot, and after some of the usual trouble. We got it there, we broke it down and we rebuild it. One day down, but three days of succesfull exhibition! It was fun to be at such at festival and the atmosphere was great.

But less about the festival and more about the project.

2012-07-05 10.29.16-6


We have under and over engineered this project in my opinion.

We have been busy lasercutting the optimal shapes for blowing bubbles with our amount of air available.

But on the other hand we have been cutting multiplex due to budget cuts. However as much as this hybrid of two worlds is a monster, it is a beautiful monster.


See the first setup working over here.

Bubbles machine

Or see our exhibition at Gogbot.



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Human Factors

by admin on 26/06/2012

Front of the LED-Spotlight (64B LED pro: American DJ)

In the new course Human Factors, in my group I have to improve the performance of a LED-light (seen above) to make it nicer to be handled with by the user. Therefore we analyze the LED-light by setting up tasks and look which issues occur. Additional to that we were supposed to gather data by interviews, observations or surveys. I took an interview with a friend of mine, who organizes parties every week and is used to work with these kind of LED-spotlights. The goal of the course is to be able to have a detailed analysis of the chosen product (other groups chose products like microwaves or calculators) and a precise information about possible improvements.

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Button’s for piano.

by admin on 20/06/2012

For the course of Have Fun and Play, we wanted have 7 switches to be recognized by a computer as keypresses to be compatible with the program Garageband. After looking for the options with arduino, where we found out this would be a bad solution and not easy either. I figured why not rip apart a usb keyboard. follow the matrix’s to see which keys are connected to which pin. Soldered some wires. And tada a perfectly working set of piano keys!

The complete project will be done soon!

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ProtoType – Issue 2

by admin on 10/05/2012

And another issue for the magazine!

Second issue



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Blender Unity Moodspace!

by admin on 24/04/2012


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Body replacement

by admin on 20/04/2012

Body replacement meant to replace a womans bag! Containing features such as charging phone, purse, camera, lighting.



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Sunny Island Moodspace

by admin on 10/04/2012

A teaser for the moodspace

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Smart pillow

by admin on 15/03/2012

For the course of smart environments we have been working on a pillow that is able to wake you up in light sleep phases.

As well as vibrate whenever you snore to rearrange sleeping positition.

In this project i have been working close together with the hardware engineer because I have been working on the software part.


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20 LED light string using Charlieplexing and Arduino

by admin on 13/12/2011

Another project I have been working on lately is a LED string made out of 20 LEDs which are charlieplexed. This way we can control all 20 LEDs separately with the Arduino though only using 5 pins. The string will be made out of a LAN cable. Lan cables are cheap and provide 8 wires. And some shielding.

This project will be uploaded to Instructables and will be in our study association’s magazine called “ProtoType”

A small preview of the project

Example LED string

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