Website review

by admin on 14/09/2011 is a website for and by diy’ers . People can post there projects online and you can follow them step by step.

The projects are aided with pictures. This way when someone has a great project you can copy or improve it.


  • Quality and quantity of the information given on the website is really good. There are probably about 10.000 projects.
  • The focus is really good as well because it is made by and for DIY’ers.
  • The design is really good because you immediately get an idea of what the website is about.
  • Clarity is quite good because you always know in which section of the website your are e.g. outside, tech or workshop. Therefor the navigation is quite good as well
  • Communication is really good as well because you can discuss the separate steps of the process. And the way they made it provides us with more information as well.


  • Ads on this website are very invasive.
  • Sometimes the website is not very clear.
  • There are pop-ups when you are not a member.
  • There is too much information on the front page.
  • The website is not very accessible to people who do not know much about technology

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