Next Limit – RealFlow

by admin on 26/06/2013

As my current interest alongside the study is still  3D motion graphics, as i wanted to try something different now. I had two primary options, go for another program like 3dsmax, houdini,blender etcetera. But as Cinema4D works very well for me currently I decided to look for something that could add to the cinema experience.

Not to long after looking i found real flow, a fluid particle engine. Which is basically THE program if you have anything to do with 3D and fluids, whether that be fluids on sea scale or on aquarium scale. Integration with cinema took about 2 hours to figure out completely, and the program itself is very easy to start out with, obviously to achieve amazing results for specific scenario’s this is an aweful lot more work as this requires a lot of experience with the program or a lot of calculations.

Also while working with realflow I grasped the possibility to render multipasses separately for the first time. which brought me some very interesting views.

Multipass Shadow


This is the shadow map, Which basically gives you a very nice view of plain shapes and their shadows.



This is the reflection map, which shows reflection where applicable. Gives mayor control over where you want extreme reflection etc.


This is specular reflection, which is basically the straight line reflection. So the whites are points that reflect light straight into the camera.


Anyways this is one of the very first tests.

 Mixing of Colors with a minor mistake.

More reflection fixed the mistake.

Real flow has been treating me very well, and i will try to continue with this.

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