No practical work in the study

by admin on 10/04/2013

As this second year has been different for all of us CreaTers, no project work and lots of knowledge processing. I felt like missing out on actual creation of stuff. So I started looking into some stuff and a friend showed me Cinema 4D which is a 3D modeling and animation program which can be licensed to students for free. I mostly working on Motion graphics with it and just exploring the possiblies, this is what i’ve been spending lots of my time on lately. I will not publish all of my Cinema 4D work here. I will take this one post to show you what i’ve been working on. And elaborating on what i’ve learned so far as opposed to what i would still like to learn.

This is a pillow that has been made with the Cloth tool which this is obviously merely an introduction to, and on the sides there are some hairs which im actually quite satisfied with. Colors are based on my own pillow, and the texture has been displaced for a mildy more realistic look.

cloth and hair cgterminal


Then some trying with the tracer tool, which is very useful but does not on itself grant nice results.


Untitled 3


A first try at some dynamics, the following is a cloner object for all the small balls. Where the big ball rolls along and pushes the balls away to follow it’s path.


run 1_0187

Some displacers created for a nice background.

low poly sphere displaced Untitled 1 Low poly sphere + cloner


This was a small test of how you can combine the cloth module with explosions.


Cloth test


The following was preparation to a project this year, the project changed however. See the movie on youtube.

In there i’ve been working with a mere cube and deformers, such as spherify, twist, bend etcetera.

Cube deforming

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