Smubbles for Gogbot!

by admin on 10/04/2013

Previously i’ve updated about using an old keyboard for buttons of a piano. This was for a bigger project that was meant to be displayed at Gogbot, and after some of the usual trouble. We got it there, we broke it down and we rebuild it. One day down, but three days of succesfull exhibition! It was fun to be at such at festival and the atmosphere was great.

But less about the festival and more about the project.

2012-07-05 10.29.16-6


We have under and over engineered this project in my opinion.

We have been busy lasercutting the optimal shapes for blowing bubbles with our amount of air available.

But on the other hand we have been cutting multiplex due to budget cuts. However as much as this hybrid of two worlds is a monster, it is a beautiful monster.


See the first setup working over here.

Bubbles machine

Or see our exhibition at Gogbot.


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