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It’s been a while


Studywise the second year has been a lot different. More hard work as opposed to project work. Lots of studying with books, and maybe the Smart Technology track helped with that aswell.

The Smart technology track is hard, but i believe that the extra effort that it costs me might not be “worthwhile” however i do believe that it is keeping me sharp, and makes sure that i am pushed further.

We have been working with amplifiers in the lab, working with all kinds of sensors and building Analog digital converters and currently we are working on telematics.


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Body replacement


Body replacement meant to replace a womans bag! Containing features such as charging phone, purse, camera, lighting.



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Sunny Island Moodspace


A teaser for the moodspace

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Smart pillow


For the course of smart environments we have been working on a pillow that is able to wake you up in light sleep phases.

As well as vibrate whenever you snore to rearrange sleeping positition.

In this project i have been working close together with the hardware engineer because I have been working on the software part.


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20 LED light string using Charlieplexing and Arduino


Another project I have been working on lately is a LED string made out of 20 LEDs which are charlieplexed. This way we can control all 20 LEDs separately with the Arduino though only using 5 pins. The string will be made out of a LAN cable. Lan cables are cheap and provide 8 wires. And some shielding.

This project will be uploaded to Instructables and will be in our study association’s magazine called “ProtoType”

A small preview of the project

Example LED string

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Adobe Edge


I download the Adobe Edge Preview a week ago but I did not make any time to look at it until yesterday. Edge is a program that will make Flash like animation’s with only CSS3 and HTML5. The tool is so easy to work with I was able to build this within 30 minutes.

Adobe Edge Intro

I think this program is briliantly done that anyone can work with it and can actually make very nice animations! One downside though is that the amount of fonts are very limited. This might me changed in the final version of the program, however this is just speculation. A way of solving this is of course the use of pictures. However that will make the animations a bit more processor intensive.

I’ve got another idea about an intro for my website, instead of the sliding/fading in of text I will make words fall from the top and will bounce till they have found their spot.

Will post this when ready!

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Led Cube


In high school I chose to build a led cube according to a DIY tutorial on a site which I absolutely love! I was a nice project. Although it was crushed in the car twice this week.

You can read the full report here


So yesterday i pulled my soldering iron from the closet. And decided to fix it again! This is the result 4x4x4 Led Cube @ Work

Although these effects look really nice i’m a really looking forwards to program these myself. Which i can probably do with the skills they teach me in Programming and Physical Computing.

I will update once i made my own effect!

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Robotics project.


In 2010 i did a project for school in which we programmed a robot  to follow a line and avoid obstacles that are on the line. The project was finished in 2010 and executed by Bart Brinkman & Robert Aiking.

It was quite a nice project! For further information BoeBot Robotics V3.0Boe Bot

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Website review

14/09/2011 is a website for and by diy’ers . People can post there projects online and you can follow them step by step.

The projects are aided with pictures. This way when someone has a great project you can copy or improve it.


  • Quality and quantity of the information given on the website is really good. There are probably about 10.000 projects.
  • The focus is really good as well because it is made by and for DIY’ers.
  • The design is really good because you immediately get an idea of what the website is about.
  • Clarity is quite good because you always know in which section of the website your are e.g. outside, tech or workshop. Therefor the navigation is quite good as well
  • Communication is really good as well because you can discuss the separate steps of the process. And the way they made it provides us with more information as well.


  • Ads on this website are very invasive.
  • Sometimes the website is not very clear.
  • There are pop-ups when you are not a member.
  • There is too much information on the front page.
  • The website is not very accessible to people who do not know much about technology
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